Who We Are

There are many CPA/Accounting firms in the Cary & Raleigh area.  Most of us do the same line of work and offer very similar services.  So what is it about our practice (formerly known as Robert G. (Bob) Smith, CPA) that is so different and leads a client to choose us over other firms?  We feel like we offer two very special and unique qualities that help make us stand out above the rest!  Our two unique qualities include being a Family Owed Practice and offering a Flat Rate to our business clients.

FAMILY Practice-

Smith & Smith, CPA, P.C. is first and foremost a family practice.  Our office includes a father, his wife, two of his sons, and one of his daughter-in-laws, and two close family friends.  Not many businesses can claim that it is "all in the family", but we can and we take PRIDE in that!  We treat our clients like family too.  The more we know our clients, the better we can help meet and make their business needs successful.  We have three CPAs on staff and one EA.

We think that we have the right mix of living and working together as a family business.  Our office is professional, but also fun and light-hearted.  Being surrounded by taxes and numbers all day could become a bit 'taxing', but we enjoy our jobs and enjoy our clients, therefore we enjoy what we do!

FLAT Rate for our Monthly Busienss Clients-

Do you hate being charged each time you call your CPA?  WE TAKE AWAY THE BARRIERS OF COMMUNICATION!  We want our clients to feel comfortable calling with any professional questions they need answered.

By having an open policy, that is free of additional fees, we have improved the CPA:Client Communication Relationship.  This solves problems and issues in a timely manner and could SAVE OUR CLIENTS MONEY!

Our Flat Rate is customized for each individual client to meet his or her business needs.  The flat rate applies to our business clients only.  Personal tax return clients should call for more details.